Counter-Terrorism Cell(CTC)​​​​

"Know Your Enemy"
Counter-Terrorism Cell (CTC)  evolved from Center for Strategic Analysis (CSA) after a hiatus of two years. As the Founder and Director of CSA, Patrick Boylan began CSA in 2005, registering it as a 501 (c)3 in 2006, shutting down operations in 2015.

The purpose and intent of that non-profit was to "Know Your Enemy", by enlightening and educating those interested in Contemporary Terrorism (Islamic Terrorism), and to remove the blinders PC has forced on everyone in America and the West.

Patrick realizes PC has its limited usefulness, but not when the lives of our children and grandchildren are threatened by pure evil masquerading as a religion.

More about the Director...

Having grown up Irish-Catholic in a Muslim country, Patrick experienced daily what it was like to be a non-Muslim in an Islamic country. Having worked as a journalist, newscaster, and Geologist, he was able to travel to the remotest and dangerous areas in SW Asia, and decided it was time to immigrate quickly, and chose America over Ireland.

Choosing Las Vegas as his home, he recieved his Masters in Educational Administration, and a Masters in Crisis and Emergency Management (Terrorism) where he educated his fellow students from the Police, and DOD, about the psychology of Islamic Terrorists. After his Masters he began the first Bachelors program in Homeland Security in the country.

After 9/11 he decided the best way to make a difference in the PC culture was to enter politics and was elected to the State Board of Education, and was a candidate in the 2016 District 1 Congressional race.

He spoke several times at Nellis AirForce Base, for the  AFIO (of which he was a member) Army National Guard, San Antonio, as a Homeland Security Instructor onboard the USS Sterritt in the Arabian Sea, in Washington DC, LA, Orlando, and several other locations around the country. He went on to present yearly seminars on Terrorism in Las Vegas... to be continued.