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Hello all! Our seminar on International Terrorism in Las Vegas on October 17th and 18th was well received by the guests attending, and would not have been successful, if it wasn’t for our volunteer Sue, we believed there were three of her, thank goodness!

Ghost, yes that his name, who runs the Leatherneck Club out did himself making sure there was always coffee and of course cold water to drink. The food was great and he didn’t fuss about us going overtime and taking over his club.

Praetorian Group Security professionals were there to keep all of us safe. Your’s truly was chauffeur, shopper, jack of all trades for our speakers.

The group was made up of knowledgeable guests who are awake as far as the threat of Islamic Terrorism is concerned.

Hopefully the yearly seminars that we have been doing since 2007 (except for the last two) will continue, and Counter-Terror Cell, the new name for Center for Strategic Analysis will continue to provide information and analysis to its patrons on the latest terrorism around the world.

There will be more news about the attack in Las Vegas just days before the seminar and a "special speaker" who was present, there will also be photographs and video.

My book will hopefully be out soon, so stay with us during this exciting time, we couldn’t do this without your support and help

Thank You
B Safe
Patrick “Paddy” Boylan 

International Counter-Terrorism Seminar 
 Las Vegas, NV. Oct' 17th & 18th, 2017
 Presented by​
Patrick Boylan, Director of the Counter-Terrorism Cell,
previously Center for Strategic Analysis (CSA)

​Keynote Speakers 
Anni Cyrus - Founder of acufeed, ex-muslim, former child bride from Iran

Sandra Solomon - Former Palestinian Muslim, who has been a victim of Islam

Guest Speakers
Paddy - Expert on Terrorism and Islam, the only Irish-Catholic Jew to grow up in a Muslim land
Ken Walther - Ret; CIA, expert on Terrorism
Nahren Anweya - Assyrian American expert on the genocide of Christians and Yazidis in ME
Sandra Solomon - Activist ex-muslim from Egypt, expert on Islam 
Chris Gaubatz - his time undercover at CAIR is all we need to know about islam
John Guandolo - ex-FBI, Founder of - expert on Counter-Terrorism

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